What’s new in the yard in 2022

Well, we’ve come through Christmas with a smile on our faces. Mostly down to you, our lovely customers, who have kept us smiling through the festive period.

We are delighted to have welcomed a few new stores to the yard this past few week; first up the ultimate hot chocolate shop, Kakaw. It’s really special hot chocolate that awakens your senses, from that first sip to kickstart your morning to the last cup of the day. We sincerely recommend you check them out.

Next up, we now have the wonderful ‘The Bed Store’ in the yard, a place to find your next good nights sleep. We may have to sneak down here for an afternoon nap (joking!) but seriously, if you are looking for the most comfortable and stylish place to lay your head then speak to one of the experts in store.

As always the yard is bursting with beautiful independents and well known stores so if you feel like popping down for a mooch then we know you will find something you’ll love.

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